Thursday, June 19, 2014

Riot Grrrl

Princess Nokia is the coolest girl in NY. She has saved me from summer time sadness.

I discovered her today when I saw the Know-Wave radio Instagram post announcing a show entitled "Smart Girl Club". Here is said post;

She had a lot to say and I enjoyed hearing it.  After the show, I googled her music videos to see what she was talking about when she said she would spend her own money at the $1 Store buying props and set dressings. She and her friend, Milah Libin, made the video. No budget. No...nothing.

Watched the video for Dragons and the song immediately got me! And then I downloaded her mixtape 

Metallic Butterfly. The entire thing is unexpected, feminine and perfectly melds together both decades I've lived through (90's, 00's) . It will be my soundtrack. 
Next I'd like to see a live show...

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