Sunday, October 5, 2014

The A.O. Show

My flyers for the A.O. Show on Know-Wave Radio 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Riot Grrrl

Princess Nokia is the coolest girl in NY. She has saved me from summer time sadness.

I discovered her today when I saw the Know-Wave radio Instagram post announcing a show entitled "Smart Girl Club". Here is said post;

She had a lot to say and I enjoyed hearing it.  After the show, I googled her music videos to see what she was talking about when she said she would spend her own money at the $1 Store buying props and set dressings. She and her friend, Milah Libin, made the video. No budget. No...nothing.

Watched the video for Dragons and the song immediately got me! And then I downloaded her mixtape 

Metallic Butterfly. The entire thing is unexpected, feminine and perfectly melds together both decades I've lived through (90's, 00's) . It will be my soundtrack. 
Next I'd like to see a live show...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bikini Kill

Girls like Kathleen Hanna don't exist anymore. 

Do Riot Grrrls still exist?
Everyone cares what everyone else thinks now, thanks to instagram. 

Now Listen 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I've been listening to this lately

And generally into Courtney Love and Hole

"Madonna wakes up everyday and someone wants to be her. Nobody wants to be me which is awesome."

"I want to be the girl with the most cake."

Monday, April 7, 2014

Wild Heart

 This is the best thing on the internet. I'm obsessed with it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Yesterday was a wonderful day.

I have been on an endless search for a leather jacket. I've already gone the affordable route once, buying a pleather piece (of sh-) from TopShop. I got a ton of compliments, but I felt like a Vietnamese summer roll every time I wore it. Encased in what felt like plastic. So I recently sold it, oddly the buyer at Buffalo Exchange was so enamored with it. But I was happy to part ways, determined to find a real leather jacket.
Inspired mostly by Kurt Cobain, but I can't seem the damn photo anywhere, and the 90's. 

After researching like a fiend I realized that I can't settle for something due to price, in order to be truly satisfied I would have to act like the baller that I am not. 
So I visited the ACNE store on Grand and Greene just to try it on, not to purchase yet.
I knew exactly the style I was looking for and the sales girl had to go to the back to get it, it wasn't on the floor. My insane research had paid off, just one more left in a size 36. I slipped it on and it was like falling love. After a mere 10 minutes I decided I couldn't possibly leave my new lover behind and purchased!

The excitement that ensued was like getting on a airplane to go on some exotic vacation. Seconds before the transaction I thought buyers remorse would set it, but it didn't and hasn't and I don't think it ever will. 
After dinner at that new place, Navy, on Sullivan St I headed home and awaiting my arrival were my Nike iD's that I ordered over a month ago!

So Christmas came early/late (depending on how you see it), and I've been totally spoiled. 

Other than these latest clothing developments, I recently saw Grand Budapest Hotel;
Out of this world set design and costumes. I want that grey astracán overcoat that Edward Norton wears. And also I laughed out loud a few time which doesn't happen all too often. Definitely a movie worth seeing in the theaters.

And finally, I really want to watch The Graduate again. I've only seen it once before and I found it stylish and sexy as well as entertaining. But I need to watch it again and this time I need to pay more attention to the technical aspects of the movie. 

 Till next time! x

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Volume II

It's been over 2.5 years since I've posted anything in this blog. I've decided to resurrect it, albeit haphazardly. 
My immediate thoughts drift towards posting more than just fashion/clothing. Since the formation of this blog my interests and passions have definitely expanded and I plan on sharing a lot more of them on here. This may or may not include; music, art, film, writing, books, goings on around NYC, restaurants, photography and daily life. Some of these may be my own sad attempts, most will be borrowed. 
Enough of this explanation. Here is where my head is at lately: 

Music on repeat:

Bjork. Bjork all the time. Mostly Debut at the moment, but I also have a soft spot for Vespertine. Funnily enough I was never into Bjork until maybe a year ago. About 4 years ago I was all about EDM. As that has mostly faded into the background Bjork's unusual combination of pop and electronic has filled that void while also introducing me to creativity unbound. She is truly inspiring.

Eric Clapton's first solo album, 461 Ocean Boulevard. I've read from some sources that Clapton hides behind his band in this album and doesn't fully push himself to do what he's capable of. But honestly, I don't care. It's just enjoyable and hits a lot of emotions and states of mind for me. Plus he's a legend.

My interest in Eric Clapton was spawned from watching the two part George Harrison documentary by Martin Scorsese and learning of the Harrison-Pattie Boyd- Clapton love triangle. She was the muse to two of the greatest musicians of all time; fascination ensued.

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison

 On my never ending, always evolving wish list:

Isabel Marant Holden Sandals
BAO BAO Issey Miyake

Looking forward to seeing this in a few weeks. Steinbeck is my all time favorite author and I have an obvious fan-girl crush on James Franco. Clearly the two combined will be nothing short of blissful for me.

This past weekend I re-watched Taxi Driver. What a good decision. Travis Bickle is both simple and complex. My head becomes so filled up when I think of what to say about this movie that all my thoughts go blank.

Lars Von Trier garners mixed reviews from everyone. I've read that he's a genius, a misogynist, a terrible film maker, a trailblazer, on and on. I've never seen any of his movies, but I definitely want to see Nymphomaniac; Vol I. I've read a lot about it, watched a few trailers and no matter what I see or read it only makes me interested in what kind of reaction I'll have. So I plan on seeing it this weekend.

The New Yorker
So there they are, my current interests in a concise list. Hopefully there will be plenty more to come.